Fire Alarm Systems Installation And Design

When it comes to fire alarm systems, no project is too big or small. Our fire protection experts at Shore Fire are capable of designing, installing, and programming a fire alarm system that will alert the occupants in your building of emergency situations. You can count on Shore Fire to make the installation process simple and pain free from start to finish.

Even the most simple fire alarm system is not easily comprehended by a normal person. It involves a lot of parts that are invisible to the untrained eye. You need an experienced fire technician to check every element of your fire alarm system.

British Columbia laws dictate periodic inspections and documentation of fire alarm systems to ensure that it is working properly for the sake of the safety of people’s lives.

Shore Fire certified fire alarm inspectors will conduct these routine checks for you, at a schedule based on your fire alarm system. We will consult this with you to ensure that inspections are done at correct intervals and don’t interfere with day to day business. Each check will confirm that all the components are functional and free from physical damage or other impairment.