Fire Alarm Systems

Even the most simple fire alarm system is not easily comprehended by a normal person. It involves a lot of parts that are invisible to the untrained eye. You need an experienced fire technician to check every element of your fire alarm system.

British Columbia laws dictate periodic inspections and documentation of fire alarm systems to ensure that it is working properly for the sake of the safety of people’s lives.

Shore Fire certified fire alarm inspectors will conduct these routine checks for you, at a schedule based on your fire alarm system. We will consult this with you to ensure that inspections are done at correct intervals and don’t interfere with day to day business. Each check will confirm that all the components are functional and free from physical damage or other impairment.

Fire Extiguishers

For you to be fully protected, your fire extinguishers need to work when an emergency occurs. This is why regular inspection and testing is important and we at Shore Fire will take care of it for you.

Inspections typically take place on a monthly and annually basis. We know what to check during a scheduled inspection. All our inspections will be done in writing and you will get a copy of the report two days right after the inspection.

The inspection service involves visual inspection, physical inspection and tagging of the fire extinguisher units.

Exit signs and Emergency lighting

Provincial fire codes, building codes, and BC fire marshals have established standards and expect you to keep your equipment in a full functional state. One of the first things a fire protection officer will check is whether or not your annual inspections and monthly tests are completed.

Shore Fire provides testing and troubleshooting on all of your exit and emergency lighting units to ensure that it is fully operational during an emergency. We conduct testing by simulating a power failure by turning off the power main. When the main power is out, the emergency lights should turn on as they are battery operated. Upon completion we provide a document that outlines the performance of your system and a report that you can show fire marshals.

Fire sprinkler Systems

Once you’ve had a fire sprinkler system installed within your business, it’s important that you have it inspected on a regular basis.

Our certified licensed sprinkler fitters have built their career on taking pride in performing thorough inspections and tests. Our commitment to a high-quality fire protection service gives you confidence that your building’s sprinkler system will work as designed when required.

We offer emergency service in the event that you believe something is wrong with your system. Our technicians will arrive as soon as possible to diagnose what, if any, issue is affecting the system. Over time, the parts within a fire sprinkler system may start to degrade. This can prove to be harmful to the operation of the system. Our maintenance services will identify these issues ahead of time so we can fix them before they worsen.

Fire pumps

Fire pumps provide water supply to fire sprinkler systems where the water supply pressure is too low or nonexistent. The field acceptance test is conducted on newly installed pumps and demonstrates that all the fire pump unit components perform according to manufacturers’ specifications as well as proving that the water supply is adequate. The annual fire pump flow test can identify deterioration of the fire pump or impairments to the water supply.